Breaking the Box

She trembled as she walked into the room. So aware of everyone’s stare. “Who is she? What is she doing here? What’s that in her hand?” The air was full of these questions, not to mention the condemning opinions of the great and the good sat around Jesus. Then, smash!! The alabaster jar broke open and she poured the precious liquid onto the feet of her Saviour. There was no going back now. Once that ointment started to pour out she couldn’t scoop it up and put it back inside and pretend it hadn’t happened. She had left her mark. Now the air was full of something else. The gorgeous fragrance of sacrifice and love. And bravery. It took guts for her to walk into a room where she felt she didn’t belong and take a risk.

But she did belong there. Jesus needed her to fulfill a very specific task that until then no one had risen to. This was her job, her time.


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