I recently watched the documentary, ‘Wounded,’ on BBC 1. It told the stories of two young soldiers who had been badly wounded in Afghanistan. It really challenged me and gave me a much needed jolt into reality. These young men were amazing. So badly injured, one was a triple amputee and the other was a double amputee and had also lost his sight, yet they were so determined to overcome their injuries and return to some kind of normality. They individually set goals and went about achieving them. Although they will never be fit enough to return to the battlefield, I have heard of many soldiers who have been wounded and their goal is to get fit and back to their comrades in the battle, so great is their committment to their cause.

In God’s word we are likened to an army. We get wounded, often by people from our own side. Yet unlike these soldiers we sit down and refuse to recover from the blows we receive. We wallow in the pain and let it mark us for life. For the few who do go through the process of healing we still say, “I might be healed but I am never going to war again. I am never putting myself in a position where I can be hurt again.” What would happen if every soldier in the world wars had said that? I dread to think. We are called to fight for the King. That means getting back into our rightful place even if that is the exact same location where we were almost killed. We owe our Commander in Chief nothing less.


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