Clear Out

Us girls hate clearing out the wardrobe! We put it off for as long as possible then one day we open the door and all this stuff falls on top of us! Then we think, “maybe it’s time for a clear out!”. So we have to go through everything. Leave nothing unsorted. Usually the clothes end up in one of three piles. The first pile is the ‘no’ pile. This is easy. This is reserved for all those cringe-worthy garments we have. The ones that make us say, “what was I thinking???” The dodgy jumpers, the jeans we bought saying “someday they’ll fit me”. Also in this pile is stuff we used to wear and wore so much it is worn done. It had purpose but now that season is over. Time to move on.

The second pile is the ‘yes’ pile. These are the garments that we still need and are useful to us. They make us look good and we should hold on to them.

The third pile is the ‘maybe’ pile and is very often the largest pile and definitely the hardest one to deal with. Here we evaluate each item, scrutinize what it’s worth is to us and can we live without it? Most of the stuff in this pile should be on the ‘no’ pile but we refuse to let go of it “just in case.” We feel attached somehow and hate the feeling of it not being there. Sometimes sentimentality keeps it on the pile. We wore it on a special occasion; it was a special gift from someone. But we have to ask what good is it doing now?

The closet of our minds also need cleared out from time to time. Sometimes we find ourselves lying under a mountain of confusion and through that we know it’s time to sort our heads out. The amazing thing is we have the same old piles for everything in our minds. We have the ‘no’ pile for stuff that we know shouldn’t be there and the ‘yes’ pile for stuff that should be there. Black and White issues. That’s easy.

But then that pile in the middle looms and grows continually. Because not everything is black and white. A lot of the stuff in our minds is grey. Dull boring grey. A mixture of black and white, good and bad, truth and lies, and it takes us to examine and discern each item to see whether we should keep it or throw it away. We come up against the same issues as we did with the clothes. Shall I hang on to this way of life just in case? I can’t let go of this way of life, it’s all I’ve known. It’s maybe not the best way but it’s comfortable. It’s the grey old thoughts that we have to ask for wisdom for in order to separate the colours so we can see clearly. The word is our colour separator. It will wash through the grey and show you what is right and what is wrong. Expect to be shocked by the results. You will see that stuff you thought was ok, it really was black, just mixed with enough white to make it appear ok. Lies mixed with a little bit of truth to make you think you could still hold on to it. But get rid of it! It can’t stay there clogging up your mind!! You need to be free! All those familiar thought patterns, damaging yet strangely comfortable. We hate throwing them out cos what will we do when they’re not there?

But God has a new wardrobe for you. He wants to dress you up in love and cover you in grace and fill you with purpose.

Time to get the bin liners out…


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