A new sculpture is on display at Tate Modern art gallery.  Basically it is a big black box which people can wander into in order to experience utter blackness.  The artist behind the project said that he created it in order to allow people to feel the emotions of helplessness and despair. As I watched the report the other day I couldn’t help thinking that quite a lot of people, dare I say, the majority of people, don’t need to walk into a box in London in order to feel this.  They probably feel this way when they open their eyes in the morning – they feel surrounded by darkness and all the fear that it brings.  These people are all around us.  They might be smiling through the darkness but they are petrified nonetheless.  One person who had spent time in the container said that slowly his eyes became accustomed to the darkness he found himself in.  How true.  Some people are truly unaware of the darkness they live in because they have known it for so long.

The art gallery has provided stewards with torches who will come to the aid of anyone who feels overcome by their experience.  As children of God we are carriers of similar torches which we can shine onto the people we see who are overcome by the darkness of their world.  We can show people that they don’t have to settle for darkness.  There is another way.  The light that we carry ‘shines in the darkness and the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it]’ (John 1:5 AMP).


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