building plans and battle plans

in nehemiah the soldiers reconstructed the walls with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other. what a picture! building the future and fighting enemies from the past all at the same time. isn’t this how we tend to live our lives? caught between the past and the present. we get focused on future destiny then we encounter an enemy from the past, pulling us down telling us we’ll never make it. then there are times when we almost get so consumed with our past that God has to give us a glimpse into his glorious future for us in order to gives us perspective on why we are fighting.

we are living in this constant tension. why? we will never truly build the future until we defeat the giants from our past. we will get so far and then we’ll hit a wall and that’s it  – no further. that’s when we use the sword. we fight the enemy of lies from the past with the sword he has put into our hand. with the truth that sets us free. if all we see is lies look for truth. but sometimes that truth can hurt. it’s a two edged sword that cuts. deep. it’ll tear us apart before it brings healing. it’ll reveal who we really are and how we really are. we may not like what we hear at first. but that same truth that hurts so much will set us free in order to make us whole and fit to fulfill his great purpose for us.

this process is painful so there are times when God will lift our eyes beyond the past and the present and give us a glimpse into the future. destiny. purpose. that’s more like it. I prefer those words. you see it’s easy to become so consumed with our past that God needs to jolt us and remind us that we have a responsibility to build the future. we can’t let it go to waste. we can’t become self-indulgent while he has put treasure within us. he has given us that trowel to dig up that treasure and use it for his glory and the blessing of the people he has put in our sphere of influence. these people can’t perish while we try and fix ourselves. there isn’t time for that. so we do both. we fight and build. we find a balance. we live in wisdom. wisdom is the principal thing. it will guide us day by day and season by season and will show us what to focus on and will teach us how multitask.


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