No more hiding

There are many nameless women of the bible: ‘Lot’s wife’, ‘the woman at the well’, ‘the infirm woman,’ ‘the persistant widow.’ These are just some. God did not tell us their name but He did tell us their story, and I love their stories. Stories of grace and mercy and hope and sometimes tragedy. I know I will write a lot about these women because everyone deserves their story to be heard.

One woman I want to write briefly about today is the ‘woman with the issue of blood.’ I love this story and relate to it on so many levels but there’s just one part of the story that I can’t seem to get away from. It comes at the very end, after she receives her miracle. Jesus turns around and asks who touched him, and the bible says: “Now when the woman saw that she was not hidden…” (Luke 8:47). This nameless woman then had to turn round and confess what had happened to her. She made a demand on Jesus, now he was making a demand on her to come out from the shadows and make herself known. Sometimes shadows, although they are dark, they somehow make us feel safe. You have to understand, this woman had hidden for years. She had to. But now she had been made free it was time to stand up and let everyone know who she was and how she was. There is responsibility that comes with freedom. God doesn’t heal you in order to hide you.


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