Stand Up Straight

Stand up straight.

“Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity” (Luke 13:12). This is what Jesus said to the infirm woman. This meant she had to stand up straight. She had been bent over for so long. There comes a place where you are so bent over that the only direction you can see is behind you. Now she could see what was in front of her. What must that have been like?

When she first raised her head she must have been a bit dizzy, she maybe was tempted to lower herself again because maybe that was slightly more comfortable if not a little awkward. She maybe was overwhelmed by the view. Before it was narrow and confined, now it had no limits. Her whole walk would now be different. No more stumbling or fumbling. It was time to take confident strides into the future. It would change her relationships with the people around her? How would they react? She wasn’t someone to be pitied or laughed at anymore. She was a symbol of hope, healing and freedom. Now that’s quite a change.

In this story we are two people. We are firstly that woman. Bent over too
long, we are slowly raising ourselves up and gaining a different perspective. It takes some getting used to. Sometimes we get dizzy spells and want to put our heads down again. But after what He has done for me that’s not an option. Like her, our vision of life is now so much wider and a little scary, the future can seem that way to us.
But that’s ok.

But also in this story we are like Jesus. Confronted with people in our world, knowing that we have a call on our lives to say, “stand up!!” I’m not being big headed when I say this, the authority is ours.

So when you read this story I want you to see yourself as that woman. But also realise you have the same responsibility and authority as Jesus to say to the people around you, “stand up.”

So together, let’s stand up straight, put our shoulders back, our head up and walk on….


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