Purpose in process

Sometimes I look over my shoulder and say ‘what was the point of that? Why did I do that?’ For example, about 4 yrs ago I took myself back to full-time college to study media and design. It was one of the hardest things I ever did. Now I would love to say that I went through those two years with flying colours and was top of the class. But that is not the case. I struggled the whole time physically and academically and definitely felt I was the least talented in the class. And also the job I find myself now in has nothing to do with what I studied. So ‘why’ is what i ask? ‘Why put myself through that whole process?’ What was the purpose when the result was disappointing? But the purpose wasn’t to be found in the result but in the process itself. The process of stepping out, breaking out, confronting the thing I was most afraid of. That’s what changed me. Not the matter of whether I was successful or not. Looking for purpose in process is what sets you free from having to be perfect and achieve successful results.
It’s the process of writing these words that’s important, not whether I’m a terrific writer.

Thank God for that!


One thought on “Purpose in process

  1. Very good post. I have found the same to be very true in my life. (applying for and interviewing for various jobs…and even knowingly blowing an interview…all things that have helped me grow and learn.)

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