Easter Saturday

We don’t really celebrate Easter Saturday do we? That’s because, 2000 years on, we have the hope of what’s coming on Easter Sunday. We know the stone will be rolled away and everything Jesus said is going to come true. But think back 2000 years. What did the disciples do? Their world had fallen apart. The one they loved and followed had been put to the most humiliating and cruel death. It looked like everything they believed in was turning out to be the joke of the century.

So what did they do? At that time, Saturday was the traditional day for worship. It was their Sabbath. They would have been required to worship. Even in the midst of their confusion and pain and grief they were expected to lift their eyes and worship the God of Israel.

Could you have done that? Do you still do that? When your world is falling apart and it seems you’ve hit a dead-end, do you still worship no matter what?


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