A Tribute

Both my Mum and Dad celebrate their birthdays this week. Dad’s is on the 11th and Mum’s is on the 15th. They have walked a road of hills and valleys, victories and defeats, and their faith is stronger because of it all. Yes, even the questions, the unanswered prayers. They choose to serve and worship God regardless. Their light shines brighter and
brighter as the years go on.

They are and inspiration to many in this land. But most importantly they are an inspiration to me. Many have heard their sermons and been blessed. But I have had a greater privilege.

I have seen their lives.

And I am more blessed.

My desire to serve God comes from seeing their lives abandoned to the King. My desire to make a difference comes from seeing their servant heart.

What a precious heritage.  Thank you.


2 thoughts on “A Tribute

  1. Hello Lisa,

    It´s Ariane, how are you? I read some of your writings and it´s very nice the way you express your ideas. Congratulations for your iniciative of creating this space and trying to help people by your writings and by your thoughts. I must confess i liked to read. Your next step is going to be a book? Tell me about it.

    Send my regards to your parents.

    Kisses from Brazil, Ariane

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