Creating Out of Chaos

Gen 1:1. In the beginning God created…and the earth was without form and void. Another meaning for the term, “without form and void,” is ‘a place of chaos.’

There is a lot of theological debate about what happened between verses 1 and 2, like did the dinosaurs exist? I don’t know…

But what does strike me is that God created out of chaos. We are made in the image of God so we can do the same – create out of the chaos of our world. So often we wait for an opportune time to step up and create what God has called us to; we think our lives are too messy, too chaotic. Don’t wait. Create out of the chaos of your life. More and more I am convinced that chaos can fuel our creativity if we allow it. If we see past the pain and see potential. If, in the midst of darkness, we can say, “let there be light” just as God did.

Creativity is not just about being abstract and artistic, sometimes it’s just about getting through the day. I think I have an understanding of this because all my life I have been forced to create. Create a way to do life. Being in a wheelchair has made me look beyond the boundaries. In a world full of no I’ve had to create a yes. When my world was chaotic I was forced to create – create a way of living independently, create a way of doing things that ‘people like me’ don’t normally do.

Even at this moment in time I’m typing with one hand because my right arm is in plaster because of a dislocated elbow!!

So I guess I’m saying it’s possible for your world to be utterly chaotic and yet you are still able to create something beautiful out of that mess.


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