beauty for ashes

I’m being inspired to look for beauty in everything every day. Some say to look for laughter every day but some days that is impossible. But we can definitely see beauty everyday because God says he will give us “beauty for ashes” (Isa 61:3). So even in the ashes of death and destruction we can see beauty. If we look for it. That’s the key you see. You need to ask in any given situation, “where is the beauty in this?”

So I’m looking everyday for beauty in the words I read the, people I meet, the music I listen to, the images I see, the situations I find myself in.

As a result the content of this blog will be changing slightly. Yes I’ll still be pondering and writing and relaying that to you but I will also be sharing with you the beauty that I see in my life whether that I something I read or a song I hear or memory shared or an image I see…

Because it’s not about me

It’s about the beauty I see.


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