“Why?” The un-askable question?


Why don’t we say it? Why don’t we ask?

Have we fostered such a culture of faith that we feel guilty to ever express doubt or disbelief? But grinning and bearing it isn’t faith – only denial. It is not admirable to act like nothing is wrong when you’re world is falling apart.

Take a look at scripture. We see David, the man after God’s own heart, and in the Psalms he let it out!! There are just as many negative emotions expressed in the Psalms as there were glorious songs of praise.

Elijah conquered Jezebel in one chapter and in the next he pleaded for God to kill him.

Job expressed despair for the whole book and it wasn’t until the last chapter that he said anything positive.  Yet we are all encouraged to be like Job, but only the Job in the last chapter.

What about Thomas? The guy who doubted the resurrection. Surely Jesus wouldn’t have time for such a doubter? If he hadn’t faith surely he would leave him behind. But no. He came to where Thomas was, right into his pit of doubt and showed him what he needed to see in order to believe.

This goes against alot of the faith teaching we know. We are told we need to believe it before we see it and that is true but sometimes God knows where we are and he allows us to ask, “Why?  Why not?”

The thing all of the people have in common is this. They expressed their doubt and questions. They didn’t hide it or hold it in. We need to learn from them and break free from the cycle of silence that bounds us.

Have I asked questions?  For years I didn’t.  I thought that by doing so I would betray God but the reality is that I was betraying myself.  All those un-asked questions ate away at the fabric of my soul and almost tore me to pieces.  So one day I asked, I asked and kept on asking.  Years of un-asked questions kept pouring out of me.  And with each question I asked a little more healing came.

Did I get any answers?  Not really.  But that wasn’t the point.

You see, it’s not about getting an answer – it’s about asking the question.


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