The Good, the Bad and the Best

Here, Joseph has arrived at his ultimate destination and you’d think that he’d be able to do anything he wanted.  But alas, even though he had the right he didn’t take it.


Joseph had to hide himself from his brothers when at first they came to him.  He had to follow God’s plan at the time and that meant denying himself the opportunity to Lord it over his brothers.  There would have been nothing wrong with this, he had every right to do so but this is where he had to make the choice to do the best thing.


It is often easier to choose between the good and bad than it is to choose between the good and the best.  It is your ability to sacrifice the good for the best that determines whether you are able to live in the palace.


But that is the pain of the palace.  The choice between the good things already in your life and the best things that God has in store for you that you can’t see just yet.


When we stand back and take a look at the bigger picture we see how every location is so valuable to us on our journey.  We understand every pit and prison is a stepping stone to our palace and that even our pain can launch us into our purpose.


If we can derive purpose from our pain it can launch us into our platform.



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