“The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places” Psa 16:6 (part 3).

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You might think this sounds the same as boundaries but boundaries are lines that God wants us to stay inside of – borders are lines that God wants us to cross.  Just as he called so many of his saints in the Bible – he calls us to go beyond the comfort of what we know and possess the land he has for us on the other side of that border.


Crossing borders is hard because we feel like Abraham who went out “not knowing where he was going.”



Crossing borders takes a tremendous amount of courage.  Let me tell you about my friend Mark.  He is the perfect example of someone who has crossed borders – lots of them.



Mark has lots of dreams on his heart and one of those dreams was to go to Australia and spend time with the Hillsong church to learn as much as possible so he can fulfil the calling on his life.  He hasn’t stayed in the safety of what he knows but is reaching beyond the borders to become a better man.


This picture of Mark, sent just a few days after he arrived in Australia has given me renewed courage.  Here I see a guy who is not afraid to cross borders in order to pursue God’s best.  Please God, may I have that same faith.


Your dream may not take you across the world – it may just take you across the street.  But even if it is across the street you will still have to cross some borders.  Those lines that scream, ‘it can’t be done,’ ‘it shouldn’t be done,’ ‘you’re not good enough,’ ‘you’re not able enough.’  They will shout so loud and do their best to keep you inside the land you know.  But don’t let them.  There is more beyond.  That’s where the dream is.


Psa 16:6 – “The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places.”


Be honest – break down your barriers

Be wise – know your boundaries

Be brave – cross your borders.


Tell me this, what borders do you need to cross?



“The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places” Psa 16:6 (part 2)

So here is the second part of my pondering on this verse.  Read the first part here.

I believe boundaries are drawn by God and they are lines that he wants us to live inside in order to keep us safe.  When you have children you have certain areas of your house or kitchen where you forbid them to go as you know they don’t have the knowledge and wisdom to act there and they will more than likely be hurt if they go there.  So it is with God. He is our Father and he knows us intimately and he places lines around us in order to keep us safe.

The trouble is we are stupid and stubborn – not a good combination!  So we cross the lines, get ourselves in a mess, then blame the devil, when all along it was our lack of wisdom that got us there.

Wisdom is not just a spiritual thing.  Its practical.  Its what gets you through the day.  Its like a sat nav that takes you where you need to go step by step.  Though if you’re anything like me you’ll go the way you know until you get lost then rely on the sat nav.  That’s how we treat wisdom.  We go our own way, then end up in a mess then revert to the plan we should have followed all along.

So what are some of these boundaries?  If we look at the life of Jesus we see that even he had boundaries – different areas of his life in which he needed to grow and develop.  There is a verse that says “Jesus grew in wisdom in stature and in favour with god and man..”  Here I see that he grew in 4 very distinct areas.

Wisdom – mentally and emotionally

Stature – physically

Favour with God – spiritually

Favour with man – relationally

Each of our lives consists of these four areas and we must actively seek to develop each one of them.

It is unhealthy for our lives to be about just one thing.  If we put all our eggs into one basket what happens if we drop the basket?

That’s why we have boundaries.  Boundaries allow us to say no.  it’s funny – we feel guilty when we say no to someone but it’s just one way we stay on the healthy side of our boundaries.

I have been in the position where my life was all about one thing – and it was a good thing.  But it ended up being a bad thing and my lack of wisdom almost wrecked me.  So now I ensure that I make my life about lots of things – God, friends, family, fun, purpose, rest – you get the picture.  Since I set these boundaries in place I have become a happier, healthier person who is able to serve God and the people around me more effectively.  I suppose you could say that by saying no I am more able to say yes.


How good are you at drawing boundaries and staying inside them?  What are  the areas in your life where you need more boundaries?

“The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places.” Psa 16:6 (part 1).

This is a verse that God has used to impart a lot of wisdom into my life over the past few years and I thought I’d share it here on the blog at the beginning of a new year.


Our lives are full of lines.  Some see this as a bad thing some see it as a good thing.  I think it depends who’s holding the pencil.


There are three kinds of lines: barriers, boundaries and borders.  Over the next three posts I’ll be sharing about each of these lines.




Fear erects barriers.  Fear of failing.  Fear of being hurt.


These lines keep people out.


Why do we build barriers? Because we have been hurt and we have vowed never to trust again.  But we cannot live like that.  We were designed for connection.  Even God said amidst the beauty of the Garden of Eden, “it is not good for man to be alone.”  Relationship and connection is like oxygen to our souls, we need it to stay alive.


How do we build those barriers?  One brick at a time.


Every time some one asks how you are and you’re reply is, “I’m fine.”  Another brick goes in the wall.  Barriers take on the form of masks that we wear to keep people from seeing the real us.  They cover the shame that Satan pounds us with.  The feelings of unworthiness.  The feelings of isolation.  We think we’re the only one who’s feeling that way but if you took off your mask then the person beside you would perhaps find the courage to take off her mask – and then you would both realise that those masks were covering the same things.


So just as we build the barrier one brick at a time so we take it down one brick at a time.  It is a process and will take as long as it takes but if you are willing God will place people in your life with whom you can be real and know that they won’t reject you.  But it is up to you to take the first step.


Welcome to 2011

Yea I know it’s a few days late but today was my first day back at work so it’s official, the lie-ins have stopped and the year has started.


I suppose your life is completely different since the last time we spoke.  With the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve all your cares and woes will have vanished into the midnight air and you face this New Year with all your old problems behind you.




Nah…me neither.  I don’t know what 2011 will throw at me but I know that I don’t face it alone.  Yahweh is with me in every step.


But I would also like you to be with me.  Yes you – the person reading this page right now.  Sometimes when I’m writing this it feels like I’m writing words into thin air.  It’s not like I want you all to tell me what a wonderful writer I am or anything like that.  I’d just like this blog to be a starting point for some really good conversations.  Honest conversations.  Funny conversations.


So, what do you want to talk about?


Let’s walk this crazy road of 2011 together and see where it takes us…