Welcome to 2011

Yea I know it’s a few days late but today was my first day back at work so it’s official, the lie-ins have stopped and the year has started.


I suppose your life is completely different since the last time we spoke.  With the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve all your cares and woes will have vanished into the midnight air and you face this New Year with all your old problems behind you.




Nah…me neither.  I don’t know what 2011 will throw at me but I know that I don’t face it alone.  Yahweh is with me in every step.


But I would also like you to be with me.  Yes you – the person reading this page right now.  Sometimes when I’m writing this it feels like I’m writing words into thin air.  It’s not like I want you all to tell me what a wonderful writer I am or anything like that.  I’d just like this blog to be a starting point for some really good conversations.  Honest conversations.  Funny conversations.


So, what do you want to talk about?


Let’s walk this crazy road of 2011 together and see where it takes us…


2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2011

  1. You have caused me to sing…..and that is seldom a good thing…..

    One more step along the world I go,
    One more step along the world I go,
    From the old things to the new,
    Keep me travelling along with you…..

    Old doesnt have to be bad, but then again new isnt always good….but you are right in that no matter what, so long as He is beside us, we will have the strength to continue down the road. And a few friends travelling with us always make the journey more pleasent. Lets make 2011 a year when we dont ever have to travel alone…..

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