“The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places” Psa 16:6 (part 3).

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You might think this sounds the same as boundaries but boundaries are lines that God wants us to stay inside of – borders are lines that God wants us to cross.  Just as he called so many of his saints in the Bible – he calls us to go beyond the comfort of what we know and possess the land he has for us on the other side of that border.


Crossing borders is hard because we feel like Abraham who went out “not knowing where he was going.”



Crossing borders takes a tremendous amount of courage.  Let me tell you about my friend Mark.  He is the perfect example of someone who has crossed borders – lots of them.



Mark has lots of dreams on his heart and one of those dreams was to go to Australia and spend time with the Hillsong church to learn as much as possible so he can fulfil the calling on his life.  He hasn’t stayed in the safety of what he knows but is reaching beyond the borders to become a better man.


This picture of Mark, sent just a few days after he arrived in Australia has given me renewed courage.  Here I see a guy who is not afraid to cross borders in order to pursue God’s best.  Please God, may I have that same faith.


Your dream may not take you across the world – it may just take you across the street.  But even if it is across the street you will still have to cross some borders.  Those lines that scream, ‘it can’t be done,’ ‘it shouldn’t be done,’ ‘you’re not good enough,’ ‘you’re not able enough.’  They will shout so loud and do their best to keep you inside the land you know.  But don’t let them.  There is more beyond.  That’s where the dream is.


Psa 16:6 – “The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places.”


Be honest – break down your barriers

Be wise – know your boundaries

Be brave – cross your borders.


Tell me this, what borders do you need to cross?



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