Let there be…

These are the first three words that God ever spoke.  As he created he simply spoke, “Let there be…”

And there was.

And it was ‘good.’


As someone who is creative, because I have the Creator living on the inside of me, these words often float through my mind.  They inspire me to write words.  They inspire other creators to compose music and lyrics, assemble magnificent structures, draw amazing artwork, design incredible fashion.


We say, “let there be.”

And there is.

And it is ‘good’ (most of the time).


However the constant pressure of creating is wearisome.  Always looking for the next new thing to create can drain.  The weight of others’ expectations can be daunting.  Then other words float around our minds.

“What if it’s not good enough?”

“What if I can’t finish it on time?”


It is then that we must meditate on another three words spoken by the creator – “It is finished!”  These were uttered as he hung on the cross and completed the redemption plan to save mankind.


The God who said, “Let there be” also said, “It is finished.”


Just as “Let there be” inspires us to create, “It is finished” must inspire us to rest.  We must rest in the finished work.  The finished work that makes us the new creations we are in him.


But we must also rest for the creations we undertake.


As it says in Ephesians 2:10, “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which he has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”  There is nothing new in any creation we attempt.  We are merely vessels through which his already prepared creation flows from eternity into the here and now.


I don’t know about you butt that really takes the pressure off me. Now when I say, “Let there be” I can rest in the “It is finished.”



3 thoughts on “Let there be…

  1. Brilliant word. Am doing an upholstry course and have hit a bit of a wall, just thinking that my brain isnt wired that way, so your opening statement “I am creative” really jarred me. So onwards and upwards xxxx

  2. Love these wee gems of encouragement!! looking forward to some resting knowing ‘it is finished’!! Brilliant chic!!

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