The Kiss of Betrayal

Judas gets a raw deal you know.  Every time he is mentioned it is in conjunction with the betrayal of Jesus.


But we forget that Judas was vital to the redemption plan.  Jesus needed a betrayer to place him into the hands of the Roman guards.  Judas’ betrayal of Jesus placed Jesus where he needed to be in order to fulfil God’s plan.


Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but just as Jesus needed a betrayer so do you.  There are times when only betrayal can move you to where God needs you to be.  You’ll know where you should be going but it seems too difficult to go there yourself.


That’s where betrayal comes in.  It has a way of moving you and getting you to see life from a different angle.


It’s not just people who betray you.  Sometimes life can betray you – your health, your finances.  They can all refuse to play the game you mapped out for them.


But the kiss of betrayal can take you to a different place – the place where God intended you to be all along.


What kisses of betrayal are you thankful for in your life?



One thought on “The Kiss of Betrayal

  1. Ah that thankful thought….it has been chasing me since last night….maybe I should start my list….

    #1. Lisa you are fabulous and I am thankful for you. I think this blog is my sign to start my thankful list.

    Now to consider who or what my Judas is…

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