The Dawn Chorus

The birdsong was so loud this morning – beautiful.


The dawn chorus has begun!


The birds sing like that at this time of year for two reasons: to mark out territory and to attract a mate.  They sing in order to get the right places and the right people into their world!!


We could learn a lot from the birds!


The louder they sing the more ground they gain.  So too with us.  The louder our song of praise the more ground we take from the enemy. Israel went to battle with the ‘high praises of God in their mouths and the two-edged sword in their hands.’ So must we. The enemy cannot counteract our praise.


Also, birds identify each other by their song, not their image. Each species has their song! What song comes from your life? Is it one of despair bitterness and fear or do you resound with the notes of love and freedom. It matters what you sing as people are drawn to your song.


Make your song loud and unashamed and remember the louder you sing the more territory you will gain!


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