The Father’s House

“I shall arise now and go to my Father’s house.”

This was uttered by the prodigal son after he had come to the end of his money, his friends and himself.

It’s got me wondering how many times through the ages it has been said since then.  Why do people leave the father’s house in the first place? Whatever the reason it’s not for me to judge.  It’s none of my business.

The one thing I do know is that there is always a way back to the Father’s house, to the Father’s love.

The path is paved with love and grace.  There is a sign on the door and it says redemption – your past is non-applicable, over this line there is a completely new beginning.

There’s always a road home

No matter how far you’ve wandered

There’s always an open arm

Ready to embrace

There’s always an open heart

Even if it’s been betrayed

Willing to love again

Willing to restore


The welcome mat is laid

Paid with the blood that was shed

That makes a way back to the Father’s house



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