What Would You Say?

Pushing through the crowd, the woman with the issue of blood found in Matthew 9 would have had to have encouraged herself to keep moving forward.  No one else was there to do it for her.  She was alone in her journey.  What did she say to herself?  I don’t know.  I wasn’t there.  But if it was me, there are a couple of things I think I would have muttered under my breath as I pushed my way to Jesus.

“Just one more step.”

This woman was in pain, bent over, face in the ground.  It was a struggle for her to reach her healing.  But by taking it one step at a time somehow the journey seems a little easier.  We have no idea how far she travelled, maybe miles, maybe only a few metres – but every step cost her and each new step was just as hard as the last one.  The only way I could have managed was by focusing on the next step and leaving the rest to God.

“Ignore the mess.”

This woman was bleeding and the ground was dusty.  Not a pretty combination.  Our road to healing and freedom is messy and mucky but if we want to reach Jesus we have to put up with that mess and be willing to be seen as imperfect by him and by others.

“I have just as much right to touch Jesus as anyone else in this crowd.”

This is the most important thing to say as according to Jewish law she was deemed unclean and therefore had no right to touch Jesus.  However she did not act according to the law but according to the grace flowing from this man.  She somehow knew he would not condemn her and that he would bring her wholeness.  You are not under the law but under grace.  with that knowledge you can forge ahead into freedom.

These are just some things that I have said to myself on my journey to healing.  And I haven’t just had to say them once but over and over.

I’m interested to know what you would say if you were in the same situation as this woman.

Thoughts please…


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