Living the Dream

Living the dream

We buy into it every day – the idea that there is always more.

We can be more.

We can have more.

We can do more.

There is a dream and God wants us to live it.

I agree.  God wants to bless us and doesn’t want us to settle for second best in any aspect of our lives.  But we must gain a little perspective.  While we dream of the future we are still in the here and now.

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated. Frustrated because everyday life was getting me down. I know God has promised good things in the future but the meantime was rather mean. I was frustrated because I felt I wasn’t ‘living the dream.’

Then god gave me a well-deserved slap in the face.

He reminded me that

  • People living on the streets dream of living in a home.
  • People who have just been made redundant dream of having a job.
  • People who have just received bad news from the doctor dream of good health.

I have all these things and more besides.

I am living the dream.


3 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Right on, Lisa. I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing a lot recently too. We talk a lot about not letting your past steal your future, but sometimes I think we let our future steal our present!

    Yes God has a purpose for us in the future, but more and more I’ve come to realise His purpose is in the process not the destination…

    1. that’s right j, i’ve really allowed the desire for the future steal the joy of today – the family i have, the friends i have, the opportunity god has given me NOW. in the great DVD of life sometimes we want to hit the rewind button or the fast forward button but sometimes god wants us to hit play and enjoy the scene we’re in.

  2. Lisa, have really really enjoyed this post, very thought provoking. Was reading it out to Derek this morning as we have been discussing the very same thing. We have been doing the same maybe for years and that is allowing the future to steal our present. Time to say NO MORE xxxxx Hazel

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