Refusing to be Part of a Fatherless Generation

Here is the script of a monologue I wrote for my church, Green Pastures, on Father’s Day.  The main challenge it’s bringing is if we will allow ourselves to be fathered by our Abba Father.


Hope you enjoy…


Refusing to be Part of Fatherless Generation


What does a fatherless generation look like?

It looks Chaotic, Fragmented and Dislocated

A swirling mass of confusion!

Without any hope.



Because, there is no father to speak order.

Just as the Father of the Universe spoke order at creation and a world came into being,

They don’t have that.


There is no one to say, “Let there be” in their lives.

There is no light being spoken into the darkness of their souls.

There is no one saying, “It is good” over them.

There is no approval of who they are,

They never feel good enough.


Constantly trying! Constantly improving!

But never quite making the mark!

Thus, a fatherless generation is always disappointed with itself.


But ultimately, a fatherless generation is afraid.

The root of fear is not lack of faith, but a lack of love:

“Those who fear have not been made perfect in love; for perfect love casts out fear.”

This generation is afraid, for they have not been perfected in their father’s love.

They are afraid to be all they were created to be,

Lest they lack the approval, of their father


And so the cycle continues.


But a new generation is rising up!

A generation who are refusing to be fatherless!

No matter what our family tree looks like,

No matter what our genetic makeup tells us,

We have been adopted, to be fathered by Abba Father – Daddy God!


We are allowing Abba to speak order into our chaos.

He is saying, “Let there be,” and there is.

Where there was brokenness, now there is healing,

Where there was shame, now there is acceptance,

Where there was guilt, now there is forgiveness.


Before Jesus did any miracle,

Before he preached any sermon,

Before he healed any sick person

His Father said “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,”

Today on Father’s Day 2011 our Heavenly Father is saying this over us.

Our Daddy God is saying, “It is good” over us.

We have his approval.

We can be secure in his love and acceptance.


You can stop trying now!


Will you allow yourself to be fathered?

Will you lay down your independence and hurt?

Will you refuse to be part of a fatherless generation?

Will you be fathered by him?


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