What Road?

As freedom isn’t the destination but the road we travel. What kind of
road is it?

I’d love it to be the Damascus Road where Paul was converted (Acts 9). One minute he was a Christian-hating Jew, the next he was in awe of the God of those Christians he wanted to kill. One minute he was something. The next he was something else.

I like that. Sometimes that happens to me. One minute I am lost. The next I am found. The truth dawns like a shining light and changes everything in an instant.

I love that instant freedom.

But it’s very rarely I’m on the Damascus Road.

More often than not I find myself on the Emmaus Road (Luke 24). This is where the two disciples walked beside Jesus for their entire journey and they didn’t even realise it. So often I am like these disciples, I don’t see Jesus even when he is walking right beside me. But then there is a point where he gently reveals himself and my eyes are opened.

The slow dawning of truth occurs.

Then when I think retrospectively I realise that my heart has burned within me all the time because he has been there even though my mind never comprehended it. He was there all along and slowly I am seeing the truth.

I am inclined to believe that this road is the most travelled Freedom Road.


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