Sneak Peek 1

A couple of weeks ago I gave you an update on the book I am writing and I promised you some sneak peeks.  Well here is the first one.


Before I even thought about writing a book – any book, not just this book – I was struggling with my singleness and having a moan to God about it and he said to me,


“If you feel like you’re on the shelf, then fill that shelf with three things – worship, friendship and purpose.” 


…So what prompted me to write this book?  One day I was praying and asking God for a husband and I was using the scripture that is quoted at every Christian wedding, “one shall put 1000 to flight and two shall put 10,000 to flight.”  I was earnestly praying, “Lord, I want to increase my potential for you to use me.  Give me someone so I can increase my power by 10-fold.”  It was all very heartfelt and earnest and I felt for very righteous, godly reasons.  Suddenly God spoke back to me and said, “Why would I trust you to put to flight 10,000 when you haven’t even put to flight the 1000 I’ve already entrusted to you.”  Woah!!! Talk about a slap up the face.


But all of a sudden in that moment I got it.  I saw that there was reason and purpose for my life as it was in that very moment.  That God could use me just as I was, single, broke, insecure, the list goes on and on.  I still had 1000 to put to flight….


Stay tuned to the blog for more little glimpses



2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek 1

  1. Lisa that really touched me with a tear very heartfelt and glad you have a purpose were god is driving you towards your own journey of freedom love you loAds ruth x

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