What’s Next?

Undoubtedly, my favourite TV show of all time is The West Wing.  It followed the staff of a fictional President in a fictional White House.  The president in the show, Jed Bartlett, had a simple saying: “What’s Next?”  He said it after every victory, after every defeat.  He said it on the good days and the bad days.


I want to live with a “What’s Next?” spirit.




Because there is more.  I may have messed up, let someone down but I need to step up from that and say, “What’s Next?”  This defeat does not define me.  It refines me.


There is more.  I may have achieved my dream and be basking in the glory of a job well done but I need to say, “What’s Next?”  There’s another level.  May this success makes way for another.


You may be reading this from a position of defeat or success.  I don’t know.  But can I encourage you to ask this same question?


There’s more inside of you than you realise.  Move on – whether that involves picking yourself up off the floor or jumping down from cloud nine, keep moving.


The future is the most amazing gift you have – unwrap it.


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