Freedom – Going Somewhere

Freedom is not the destination but ability to make the journey. If
Satan had his way we would be bound all our lives unable to venture
out anywhere.


But when we gave our lives to Christ he gave us a
passport that enabled us to go anywhere we wanted. He doesn’t keep us
locked up for fear that we make mistakes. He opens the door and pushes
us out. Sure we’ll mess up and get hurt. But we also have the freedom
to come running back to him for healing.

Freedom is about the lessons we learn on the journey. Freedom is
progressive. It doesn’t happen in an instant. I wish it did. We grow
in it. Just as we grow in love and faith we grow in freedom.

It’s not about arriving somewhere. It’s about going somewhere.

By going there I’m free.


Sing O Barren

Isaiah 54

why would i sing? I’m barren
I have nothing to sing about
why should i raise a shout?
all around i see emptiness fear dispair
yet you call me to raise my empty hands
lift my tear stained  face toward heaven
and give you praise
you desire me to dance
on ground that has as yet seen no harvest
seeds have been sown
but the fruit is slow
my eyes don’t see the victory that is coming
yet my heart is steadfast
i live by faith and not by sight
so i will sing
a song so loud that the enemy will tremble
and as i sing
my hands will be filled
my tears will dry
my harvest will appear
barrenness will be no more

Desert Song

I’m not afraid or ashamed to sing my desert song.

I’m the only one who’s qualified to sing it.

As I sing my song others will be released to sing theirs.

A choir will be raised up that will sing a song of freedom.


In the middle of the desert a song will come forth that will

bring freedom and victory and set ambushes against the enemy.


The thing that the enemy wants me to hide in the dark

Is the very thing that God will use and shine forth

To prove to everyone

That good comes out of bad

That order comes out of chaos

That wholeness comes out of brokenness.


Strike up the band!!


This is my song in the desert….