The Stabilisers are Off!!!

I’ve needed the stabilisers on my bike for so long. I needed them to get where I was going. They kept me safe and secure when I was young and learning how to ride my bicycle. But an adult looks pretty stupid if they’re riding a bike with stabilisers – no matter how safe it makes them feel.


So I’ve taken them off – and there’s a lot of wobbling! I’m not as steady as I was. I can’t go as fast as I used to. Then I fall over. I want the stabilisers back on.


But instead I get back on my bike and slowly and surely I get stronger and steadier to the point where I wouldn’t want the stabilisers if they were offered to me because I know now that they would only slow me down and keep me in the safe places. I don’t belong there.  Removing them allows me to go to higher heights and different territory and see more of the world. And eventually get to my destination.



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