Fabula Est Vestri

Sometimes you you have to let go of what is in your hand in order to fulfill what is in your heart.


I’m afraid that’s what I’m going to have to do with this blog – just for a while. I need to completely focus on finishing my book (read about it here and here) and this means blocking out all other distractions as I attempt to complete the first draft of the book. I’ve set the deadline of Christmas for this so that next year I can begin the editing and publishing process – which is a whole other mountain to climb!!


At the moment the blog is the last thing on my to-do list and it gets the least thought and attention.  That’s not fair.  I know there aren’t masses of people reading this but those who do show up to read what I post, do so faithfully so in the new year I will pick this up and give you the attention you deserve.


Please pray for me as I seek to reach this goal I have set for myself. Writing is lonely. That is the one thing that could stop me from finishing what I started.  Please pray for grace for this season.


Writing is amazing.  Sometimes I’ll write a paragraph and just say, “where did that come from?” I know that the words that I write are coming from the heart of God and I am only a channel.  If I gave up I know that God would find someone else to write those words and I don’t want that to happen.  I don’t want to walk into a book store some day and look up and see the book that I should’ve written, written by someone else.  That’s why I’m not giving up.


May I encourage you to write your book also.  Sure, you may not be writing an actual book like me but God has placed a blank page before you and he wants you to fill it.  So go ahead, write…Write the story he has given you…don’t let anyone else write it.



Fabula est Vestri – The Story is Yours…..



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