It’s Time

Hey!! I’m Baaaaack! I told you I would be.


In my last post I said I was taking a break from the blog to focus on my book (read here and here and here to catch up). Well, I did what I set out to do, I’ve finished the first draft and now I’m beginning the editing and publishing process.


It’s started to dawn on me what I am actually trying to accomplish in this incoming year.  Its been so distant for so long but here it is – this time next year I am hoping to have a published book!!! I am fureeeeking out! I have no idea what I’m doing. I have no money. I have no contacts. What do I do? Where do I start? 


But God reminded me of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  She was responsible for bringing something forth that was so inexplicable she must have been terrified and, at times, I’m sure she wondered if she had imagined it all.  But then the thing inside of kept getting bigger and bigger so she couldn’t deny it.  Its the same with me.  this thing was conceived inside of me 2 years ago and if it wasn’t God, it would have gone away by now because the struggle to carry it and bring it forth has been immense.  so that’s how I know it’s God – the fight is on.  Why would there be a fight over nothing?


In Luke 2:6 it says, “So it was…the days were completed for her to be delivered.” It’s like God is saying that to me right now.  “It’s time to deliver this baby.” And when God says it’s time, it’s time. It wasn’t exactly convenient for Mary to give birth when she did. She wasn’t in the comfort of her own home. She didn’t have any contacts with the best hotel in town. But God provided a place. A manger. shepherds to worship the baby King. Kings from afar to bring gifts. God provided everything that was required for the birth of a King.  As he provided for Mary, he will provide for me.


I am holding on to this story for my story. 


Will you hold onto it for your story? I don’t know what your story is for this year, maybe you don’t even know or maybe you’re like me, you know what you have to accomplish this year and you are more than a little daunted. I don’t know what’s worse – knowing or not knowing. Anyway, that doesn’t matter, there’s a road to be walked and a mountain to be climbed this year. Can we hold on to the truth of this story of Mary and bring forth what God has placed inside of us in 2012?