Well Well Well

Toward the end of last year I started to ask God what he was saying to me in the year 2012. I was expecting him to speak to me by way of a verse of scripture  – something that I could really grab a hold of and run with this year. However with me and God it’s never that simple. He never makes it easy for me and instead of giving me a verse that would clearly set everything out for the year ahead he gave me a picture – a jigsaw picture – and he started giving it to me tiny piece by tiny piece.


The picture was of a well. From the beginning of December it seemed that every time I read the Bible I came across a story about a well, every time I picked up a book there was a story about a well. So, what I’m going to do with this blog is bring all the little pieces and put them together and see what kind of picture we can make. I don’t know what the well is – I think the well represents many things – me, God, other people, my creativity. There is no wrong answer and that’s what I love about this whole thing – the well will be whatever or whoever I need it to be at that particular time.


So will you come on this journey with me to see what God is trying to say?


4 thoughts on “Well Well Well

  1. Thinking that perhaps as you are at the well, then maybe you are drawing the water out for others. You are a teacher, coach, encourager and friend to people and your water motivates and inspires.

    Or maybe you are drawing the water out of others?


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