The Valley of Weeping

No matter how deep the valley there can be a well. 

Just as it says in Psalm 84:6: “Passing through the valley of Weeping they make it a place of springs.” Another word for a spring is a well. Your tears of pain can, in  time, become a well of refreshing. How? I don’t know because when you’re crying them you don’t see any sense to those tears – all you feel is the pain.

When I went on this journey of discovering wells at the beginning of this year I didn’t realise I would be drawing from wells filled with my own tears.  But I’ve cried enough tears in my life to ask you to trust me that God does turn them into a well. What was once a place of pain, strife and contention can become a place God prepares for for you to grow and prosper.
We need to look for the well in all of our valleys because they’re there waiting for us to drink from them. When we are in the valley we need to realise that we are not just trying to get through the day – we are digging wells. Wells that will refresh not only us but dry and thirsty people all around us.
We all want people to be refreshed from the wells of our lives but are we willing for some of that water to consist of our own weeping?

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