Two Women. Two Wells. One God.

Hagar and the Samaritan woman. Two women who both encountered God by a well and were never the same again.



These two women are separated by centuries yet their stories are strangely similar. They are both on the run. Hagar is running from the abuse and misuse she is receiving from her mistress, Sarah.



The Samaritan woman doesn’t think she’s on the run – but she is. She’s made her way through five husbands and is now shacking up with Mr Number 6. You wanna tell me she’s not running from something? Shame. Pain. Disappointment. These are just a few of the demons chasing her. Not to mention the continual dissatisfaction that continues to drive her into the empty arms of these men. Empty wells – that’s really what these men are.  Can’t you hear her desperation as she says, “Sir, give me this water that I may not thirst nor come here to draw?” This is one thirsty woman. Every time she lowers the bucket of her heart into these men it sadly comes up carrying nothing but emptiness.



And emptiness is a heavy burden to carry.



Hagar had a revelation of God at her well. She realised that despite the fact she was running away He still took the time and was interested in her story. The spring in the middle of her desert was enough to satisfy her soul. She named God, ‘You are the God Who Sees.’ She said of her encounter, “Have I also here seen Him who sees me?”  How amazing and comforting is that? That we get to see the One Who sees us.  He sees us in all our sin yet He allows us to see Him in all His grace.



Jesus saw straight into the life of the Samaritan woman. He saw her emptiness and gave her fulness. How do we know? It says she left her waterpot and went into the village and proclaimed, “Come see a man…”   And the neighbours must have thought at first, ‘Oh no. Here we go again. Another man on the scene.’ But she finished her sentence by saying, “…who told me all I ever did. Could this be the Christ?” This shocked them because everyone knew everything she ever did! Her life was no secret. Yet this man at the well saw it all and still loved and accepted her. This woman had an encounter with the God of Hagar – The God Who Sees. The God Who saw her yet still loved her. The God Who saw her yet still had purpose for her life.


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