Empty Vessels

As I have been looking at different wells this year I keep coming back to the most famous story of a well in the bible. Well, not so much a story of the actual well but more rather the woman at the well. For that is the only way we can identify her – we do not know her name. We know so much about her promiscuous past but we do not even know something as simple as her name.

I just want to draw your attention to one sentence at the end of the story. It says that she “left her waterpot and went into the city.” She had an encounter with her Messiah – the living water and immediately she left down her waterpot – that very thing that symbolised her emptiness, the very thing that kept her coming to a well that could never satisfy her. She left it down. She was free. She didn’t need to carry it anymore. She realised she, herself, was no longer an empty waterpot. She left down her old identity. She took up a new identity. Because she drank from the well that never runs dry – she then became a well. And what do wells do? They fill empty vessels. She poured out from the well deep within her and she went into the city and faced her enemies, except that this time she didn’t see them as critics she saw them as empty vessels just as she had been.

Empty vessels are all around us. We all begin as empty vessels longing for satisfaction. But as we drink from the Well we are then commissioned to be a well to those empty vessels around us.

Jesus ended up staying two days in Samaria – it looks like this woman wasn’t the only empty vessel in that city.


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