Well Well Well – Putting the Pieces Together


At the beginning of the year God gave me a piece of a jigsaw picture. As I read and prayed and went about my ordinary life, other pieces started falling onto my lap and I’ve been writing about these pieces on my blog since the beginning of the year.


One piece here, one piece there.


As I picked more pieces, a picture started to form. What is that picture? It is a well.


Why is it a well? I really have no definitive answer. I don’t believe it is any one thing but here are a few ideas:

  • The well is God – the Well that never runs dry.  The source for all that I do.
  • The well is me – I must always be full as people and life draws from me.
  • The well is people around me – dry empty wells but God want to use me to prime these wells to get the water flowing again.
  • The well is creativity – the more the creative well is used the more it refreshes itself. If it is not drawn from it goes stagnant.


I don’t even think that this whole process is about getting all these questions completely resolved so that I can say exactly what the well represents. I believe the bigger lesson here is about picking up the pieces, one at a time and seeing the beauty of each piece for what it is. Appreciating each nugget of truth. But also seeing each piece as part of one big picture.


I love how God trusted me enough to show me piece by piece something so beautiful. I’m also enjoying not totally understanding what it all means.


Since when did we feel entitled to understand everything God told us?


When God needs me to know, I’ll know – until then I’m going to enjoy putting the pieces together.




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