Walking on a Stormy Sea

I have a picture in my head of Peter when he was walking on the water and it is that of a tranquil, glittering sea sparkling in the moonlight and Peter is somehow gliding over the ocean.

But it wasn’t like that.

When Jesus called Peter to walk on the water, he didn’t calm the water first.

He made Peter step out of the boat at the most inconvenient, dangerous, scariest time. He did not make the environment conducive to what Peter had to do.

And he does the same thing with us.

Often God will call us out to do something amazing for him at the most unsuitable time in our lives.

We want the sea to be calm around us – then we think we might have half a chance of doing what he wants. But not God. He will call us when the wind is at its height and the water is very wet all around us.

God doesn’t need your life to be perfect in order for you to do something amazing for him, he just needs you to trust him, and the cold, hard truth is we trust him the most when our lives are at their most chaotic. In fact the more chaotic your life is the more likely he is to say, ‘come.’

We say, “If only

  • I was younger
  • I was older
  • I was married
  • I was single
  • I had a job
  • I hadn’t a job
  • I lived elsewhere
  • I lived at home
  • I had more responsibility
  • I had less responsibility
  • I had children
  • I hadn’t children”

The list goes on and on. we want the sea of our lives to calm before we step out.

We say, ‘if only,’ Jesus says, ‘come.’ Thats it. Just come.

Despite what you want to change. Come anyway.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to walk on water.

Sure, you’ll be terrified. you’ll get soaked and you’ll fall. But don’t miss out on this.

Don’t be someone who, years from now, is sitting looking out to sea and regretfully says,

‘Man, I could have walked on that.’


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