Fragments that Remain

What good are fragments?

What use are they to anyone?

We just want to clear them out of the way and move on.

We want everything tidied up and looking respectable

We’ll hide the broken pieces so no one sees them


The redundancy letter

The school report

The hospital result

The divorce papers

The broken friendship

The antidepressants

The emails from the married colleague

The credit card statement

I could go on and on

All these are broken pieces

Quick, hide them, let no one see


Jesus encountered fragments

But he said something different

He said, “Gather the fragments that remain that nothing be lost.”

He said that on the day of the miracle of the feeding of the 5000

People ate and were satisfied but pieces were left behind

The place must have been a mess

But Jesus wasnt prepared to walk away and leave them

He wanted the fragments gathered so that they wouldn’t be lost

He didn’t want them to be hidden or thrown away

He had purpose for the broken pieces

What happened to them?


It says that 12 baskets were gathered that day

We don’t know who took them home

The boy, the disciples, others from the crowd

But nothing was lost

Someone feasted on the brokenness


Sometimes your story can only make sense when you tell it to someone else

Be honest

Tell of your battle with cancer and how you came out the other side

Tell someone there is life after divorce

Tell someone struggling with depression that they don’t have to be ashamed of the medication and their healer is Jesus

Tell the secret shopper that retail therapy isn’t the answer and how you found the ultimate fulfilment in Christ

Tell that person just laid off their job how God provided for you when you lost your job

Tell that young girl who is in love with a married man of how you overcame those feelings of temptation

Tell how God can restore every broken friendship


Your brokenness can be part of someone else’s wholeness

Don’t let shame make you hide your broken pieces

Allow grace to help you gather the fragments that remain so that nothing is lost