The Tension

Jesus could have come to earth on Thursday, died on the Friday and rose on the Sunday and the job would have been done.

The blood would’ve been shed and he’d have rose from the dead and our redemption would’ve been won.


But he came as a foetus and was born in a stable. Grew up in a family with brothers and sisters. He went to school. Learnt a trade.


He started his ministry at 30 and then 3 years later walked a lonely road to the cross.


32 passovers passed before the Passover where Jesus made the redemption sacrifice.


Why did he wait so long?


I believe it’s so that we could not only find redemption but so that we could find comfort in someone who understands the wait – The Tension.

The Tension between the present and the future.

The Tension between believing for great things and finding contentment in our circumstances just as they are.

The Tension between being eternal beings but being confined to this very finite planet earth.

There’s always Tension.


When we struggle and fight with these things we can look to the One who was “tempted in all things, yet without sin.”


When we look at his life we see it’s possible to walk the tightrope and not fall off.





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