Road to the Cross – JUDAS

In the weeks leading up to Easter my church, Green Pastures, is examining the journey to the cross of key characters of the Easter story. Here we begin with  Judas.



…26, 27, 28, 29, 30… That was the price. The price of BETRAYAL.


It was a lot of MONEY and when the priests approached me and asked me to help them by handing over Jesus, it was too much money to say no to. I felt that I had given up so much for this man and got nothing in return. It was time for me to think about about MYSELF. And that’s what I did.


I knew he’d be in the garden that night. But I went down beforehand just to check everything was going to plan then I saw him praying … He was crying so intensely it was almost like he was SWEATING BLOOD. I saw the acute agony he was in. I never saw such LOVE or PASSION in all of my life. I wanted to stop it. But it was TOO LATE. Just then the guards came and arrested him. Everything was out of my control.


That was it. I had PLAYED MY PART.


I went back to the priests and threw those thirty pieces at their feet.


But I can no longer live with myself. So here I stand…THERE’S NOTHING LEFT TO DO…


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