Road to the Cross – ROMAN SOLDIER

We followed Judas’ tip off which led us to Gethsemane. The signal was given – a KISS. Ironic really.


Things were going well until one of his followers took a sword and cut someone’s ear off!!! So much for a peaceful capture. But then Jesus reached out and RESTORED…


Speechless and in a daze I continued to do my job. I’m used to doing this, arresting criminals and generally making the world a safer place. But all that I have observed over these few days have SHAKEN me to the core. We were just as VIOLENT with this man as we are with all the other filth we deal with but he was different. He took each violent lash with pride. He wore those thorns like a CROWN.


Standing at the cross I heard him cry out, “Father, FORGIVE them.”


I have seen the face of GRACE today. I stand here, a Roman soldier, completely DISARMED by LOVE.


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