Road to the Cross – Pilate

This still echoes in my head  “What shall I do then, with the man you call the King of the Jews?”  I wish I could turn back time to have another chance to answer this. I know I was wrong. 


Right now,  a man is dying on a cross and there is nothing I can do about it! It is too little too late!  I could have saved him with my overruling vote but I didn’t! I could have done what was right but just for the sake of selfish ambition, I gave in to the crowd rather than stand up hold my ground. An innocent man condemned to death by my pride. No amount of water can ever wash away the blood and guilt  stained on my hands and my heart…..    


What can ever  wash away my feelings of guilt and shame? 


But I see now that even though I didn’t save him, Jesus still chose to save me


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