Road to the Cross – Simon

He didn’t ask for this burden. He din’t ask to carry the cross. Why was he picked to play such a significant part in the redemption story.


“Yanked from the crowd I hadnt time to catch my breath. My two sons were left screaming my name, “Daddy, Daddy!” 


The man carrying the cross was a naked, bloody mess – the most disgusting sight I had ever seen. Skin ripped so raw I could see the bone below.


I awkwardly lifted the wooden beam onto my shaking shoulder. So heavy I could only really drag it to it’s destination.


The jeering crowd was terrifying. The saliva of people’s spit smacked me in the eyes. Their mocking taunts rang in my ears.


I know they weren’t directing any of this at me. I just happened to be a certain person stood at a certain place at a certain time.  


I know I physically helped Jesus to the cross but now that I know the full story, I know that my sin would have led him there regardless.”


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