The Best Kind of Emptiness

So I have finished my book and I’m sitting here with nothing to do which is a weird feeling because for the past four years I’ve always had something to do. The book was always there in the background. Even if I wasn’t working on it (which was quite often) I always as though I should have been working on it. But now it’s done. Finished. Published. I’m feeling strangely empty. But it’s the best kind of emptiness. Not the emptiness of never being filled but the emptiness of being full and pouring out every last remaining fragment. I could not have given any more. I’m completely undone. To date, 16 people have downloaded The Woman on the Shelf. I know I’m not exactly going to hit the New York Times bestseller list with those kinds of numbers, but huge sales was never my goal. It was about seeing through what God had asked of me. There is a huge sense of satisfaction that comes from starting something and seeing it through to the end. This was something I have never been particularly good at until now. But now I can say that I have done it. God asked me to do something and I did it. That’s what writing this book was about for me. Plus I had something to say and I said it. If you feel you have something to say you need to say it. Maybe it’s an email, a text, a phone call, a tweet or maybe you’re crazy enough like I was and you’ll write a book. Whatever you have to say and however you say it, don’t be silent. Someone needs to hear you – even if it’s you.


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