The List

The to-do list is always how I have pictured my purpose and destiny. It’s like God had a to-do list for me. I pictured meeting Him in heaven with His list in His hand and I would see how many items were ticked off. I don’t think that’s a bad way to think of it.

However, up until now I’ve had a very narrow idea of what was on that list. I imagined the list to be full of what we term ’spiritual’ exploits like preaching, writing, church serving. Imagined “write a book” to be on that list and I’m glad to say that I’ve ticked that off.

Over the past couple of years I have learnt that list is longer and much more comprehensive and than I first thought. It’s full of little intricacies that I never imagined.

Items such as:

* “spend the day with your niece on the beach”

* “call out to see your friend”

* “offer support to one of you visually impaired work clients”

* “take the day and just rest”

* “pursue my presence above all”

* “Learn to be a good friend”

* “Be diligent in preparing your end of month work reports”

* “Be thankful in all situations”.

These items are all in there. These are all actions God had planned for me to do before the world was even formed, just like it says in Ephesians 2:10: “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

Before this season I didn’t realise these were items on the list and because of that I felt this was a very inactive, unfruitful season. However in this time I’m happy to say I’ve ticked a lot more of these kinds of items off the list so, looking back, I can see this season has not been wasted.



It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog – nearly a year, in fact. So I thought I would start with a little update. As you know I completed and released my book at the end of last year. It had been a 4 year project and at the end of it I had absolutely no margin left for marketing or promotion. Of course this is the wrong way to go about it – I should have been super excited to get the message of the book out to as many people as possible but I was all out of enthusiasm. I wondered at times if I would ever write again. However what I needed to do was rest and rest I did. God has allowed me to enjoy a year of fun and friendship and most importantly the pursuit of His presence. All this has gone great ways in restoring my soul.

So what now?

I feel God is slowly starting to wake me up from my rest. Words are coming to me again along with the passion to share them. But this will be a slow process and decisions will be made very slowly. I still need to feel like I need to process everything I’ve learned so watch this space!

Lisa Jane

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