It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog – nearly a year, in fact. So I thought I would start with a little update. As you know I completed and released my book at the end of last year. It had been a 4 year project and at the end of it I had absolutely no margin left for marketing or promotion. Of course this is the wrong way to go about it – I should have been super excited to get the message of the book out to as many people as possible but I was all out of enthusiasm. I wondered at times if I would ever write again. However what I needed to do was rest and rest I did. God has allowed me to enjoy a year of fun and friendship and most importantly the pursuit of His presence. All this has gone great ways in restoring my soul.

So what now?

I feel God is slowly starting to wake me up from my rest. Words are coming to me again along with the passion to share them. But this will be a slow process and decisions will be made very slowly. I still need to feel like I need to process everything I’ve learned so watch this space!

Lisa Jane

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