Truths from my Sat Nav – part 4

Here is the fourth instalment of the blog series entitled, Truths from my Sat Nav. For the previous posts please click here, here and here.


INSTRUCTION NUMBER 4: Take the next left turn

Sally talks to me very simply. She just tells me one step at a time, and following the voice of God is quite similar. Very often God will tell you to do one thing, then when you’ve done that thing, He’ll tell you to do the next thing.
Simple? Yes.
However if you’re anything like me you will want to know every step of the journey before you even leave the drive. I want to know what the do I do when I reach a certain junction 20 miles down the road. In my head I’m always one step ahead of Sally.
In life we always seem to be one step ahead of ourselves – we live in a rushing culture that frowns on sitting still.
Plans, plans, plans – we need to have a plan. A five year plan. A one year plan, a one month plan, heck, even a one day plan.
We need to have a plan.
We live by our to-do lists and putting things on it and ticking items off it. I even write items on my to-do list that I have already done just so that I have the pleasure of ticking them off.
We need to have a plan.
I’m slowly realising that all these plans can become sources of our security and identity. “Hi, my name is Lisa and I do blah blah blah.”
We can feel incomplete without a plan.
This is not how God intends it to be. When Jesus rose out of the water after His baptism His Father spoke down from heaven and said, “This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.” This was before Jesus performed one miracle. He had His identity and acceptance confirmed before he started to fulfil His purpose. Everything He did after that flowed out of that security.
It can be so easy to use our purpose to validate our existence but we must not do that. We should NOT do that – it can be so dangerous. Your Father loves you and is pleased with you – end of.
This is my biggest battle. Living with a major disability all my life I have sought to make sense of all the pain and questions by making sure I fulfilled my purpose. I wanted to say loud and clear to the world that I wasn’t useless and I had worth. In my head I was saying, “If I can write enough words then maybe the pain will go away. If I can do a good enough job then maybe the pain will go away.” In other words I was trying to use my purpose in order to heal my pain. I can tell you now from bitter experience that purpose does not heal pain.
True healing from all pain can only be found in the presence and the love of the One who loves and accepts you no matter what. Spending time in His presence heals your pain and places you to fulfil your purpose – not out of brokeness but of true healing. Trust me – purpose and plans will come out of His presence.