loving the before

I am constantly bombarded with before and after pictures – before the diet, after the diet; before the hair cut, after the hair cut; before the fitness regime, after the fitness regime, on and on it goes. I love the after picture. It usually demonstrates hard work and tenacity and I am in awe of the people who have been dedicated to do what it takes to get to that ‘after’ stage. 

I am in a wheelchair, and unless a miracle occurs, this is it.

I don’t have an after picture. What do I do?

 Genesis 1v1: “In the beginning God…” God is in the before. He is in my before and He loves my before even if at this time there is no after. If He loves it, then who am I to hate it? I have had to learn to love the before.

I cant help thinking that the bigger miracle is loving the before.


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