Surrender to the Season

Today is the 1st of September – the first day of autumn. 
I love autumn. Like, really love autumn. It’s is my absolutely favourite season. 
But it wasn’t always like this. 
I used to hate autumn, like really hate autumn. It just represented death and darkness and the end of everything.
Three years ago, as autumn was just beginning, God whispered these words to me , “surrender to the season.” He didn’t just mean autumn, but the season I found myself at in my inner life at the time. I was struggling majorly with anxiety and depression and all I could see was death and darkness and the end of everything. Yet he kept saying to me, “surrender to the season.” 
I was at the end if myself so I had nothing left to do but surrender.
Suddenly I began to see the beauty of autumn. I saw the brightness of the leaves turning. I came across a quote that said, “autumn is a second spring where every leaf becomes a flower.”
Yes, autumn is the end of everything but that end is called harvest. We survive the rest of the year by what we gather in the autumn. I realised that the end doesn’t always mean death, it can give us what we need to survive the next season of our lives.
However I only saw this beauty after I surrendered to the season. I had to surrender to what was going on around me and inside me in order to see the beauty.
Maybe you’re in a season you hate and all you can see is death, darkeness and the end of everything. 
Is God asking you to surrender to the season? If you do you’ll be amazed at the beauty there is to see.