Just Chillin…

Hey folks

No proper blog post this week as it’s Easter/bank holiday/Royal Wedding week and I’m off spending time with the wonderful family and friends God has placed in my life. There’ll be more words in the weeks to come – lots!!!! But this week I’m enjoying the sun and seeing where the road takes me. Hope you do the same xx


The Comfort of Being Known

I spent time with an old friend today. We talked about old times and new adventures. I came away feeling so nourished and built up. Why? Because I was with someone who knew me. I didn’t have to explain anything. She just got it. It was so easy.

My life has changed dramatically in the past three years and I’ve had make a bunch of new friends and I love them dearly. But it’s hard work. It’s hard work getting to know someone but what’s even harder is getting someone to know you. Letting them in is hard and letting them see the good and the bad and the ugly is awful.

I guess after spending time with my old friend today I realised that none of my new friends really know me yet. Not because I’m hiding it from them or because they don’t care. But we just haven’t shared enough of the journey to merit that comfort of being known. Only time and experience can bring that.

So I’m treasuring my old friends and I’m hanging in there with my new friends so that in 10 years time I’ll be able to have the comfort of being known by them.

Thank you and Help

Hey guys.

I just want to thank you for the tremendous amount of support I’ve
received since I told everyone about my book-writing project. Whether
you posted a comment on here or my facebook page or said to me in
person, you have no idea how much that encouragement has meant. Since
I took the decision to do this I’ve felt a like I’ve thrown myself
over the edge of a cliff, hoping I don’t fall, splatt, on the ground
below me. When people encourage me, it’s like a net is cast that
breaks my fall and I bounce back up. Of course, my ultimate
encouragement is in Him but all the same, knowing I have an army of
friends seeing me through this is incredible.

So thank you.

But I need your help.

The section of the booking I’m currently working on is about
friendship. So I’m asking you, my friends, for your input.

What are your experiences of friendship?
Do you think you are a good friend? If not, why not?
What issues hinder you from making solid friendships?
What has helped you in making good friends?
Do you think the church is a good environment for growing friendships?

Can you see what I’m getting at? Leave a comment on here on the blog
or send me a private message on my facebook page
http://www.facebook.com/lisajanemcauley. Or if you see me out and
about just start talking to me about it. Who knows, you might get a
mention in the book!

Come on friends, lets have a conversation…

Just Listening

Today I talked. I talked and someone listened. I felt vulnerable. I felt exposed. I felt weak. But I also felt alot better once I got out what was inside me. The other person didn’t offer any advice or earth-shattering revelation. They didn’t even speak. They just listened. They allowed me to speak out words that had been swimming around my head for days and once I said them I felt better.

We talk alot about the power of the spoken word but there is as much power in the listening ear. Don’t be afraid to just listen. It’s better to say nothing than say the wrong thing just because you think you should say something.

So be that person for someone. Just let them talk and don’t feel pressure to make everything ok. Just be a shoulder.

If there’s stuff you need to say, then find that trusted person and get it out of you. If you don’t have that person then I pray that you find them because life is alot sweeter with them walking with you to your destiny.